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6 Masonry Features That Deserve a Spot on Your Outdoor Living Wish List in South Kingstown, RI

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

6 Masonry Features That Deserve a Spot on Your Outdoor Living Wish List in South Kingstown, RI

When the best days of the year are spent outside, relaxing under the sun and soaking up all that nature has to offer, beautiful masonry will make your outdoor living spaces even more of a joy. Here are six masonry project ideas to transform your landscape into a relaxing retreat.

Dramatic Stone Walls

Add a sense of strength to your outdoor abode with the addition of carefully crafted retaining walls that bring definition to your outdoor living spaces and keep erosion at bay. Stone walls can also be purely decorative, to create a somewhat subtle, reinforced feel to your landscape design or they can become focal points, when expertly built by masonry experts. Embrace rustic charm and add these solid fortress-like features to make your outdoor living space function as an artful and protective sanctuary.

Sweeping Walkways

It only takes a short walk through nature to fall in love. Whether it’s a winding brick route, a sleek flagstone walkway, or a step-by-step stone path, let your feet guide you. Traverse your outdoor spaces through traditional, modern, or nature-inspired walkways to admire the beautiful sights, sounds, and fragrances that surround you. A walkway will help you get lost in the outdoors temporarily as you enjoy your view—and you will always be able to find your way back home.

Walkway, Garden, and Flower Bed Borders

A masonry border is a simple but powerful way to draw distinctions throughout your outdoor living space. Masonry borders elevate your outdoor landscape aesthetic by calling your attention to the main attractions, such as a gorgeous paver walkway, a fine garden, or a classic flower bed.

A masonry border gives you the opportunity to contrast between light and dark pavers, or slender vs. chunky materials. During the 3D design phase of your landscape project, you could get a visual sense of whether you prefer a contrasting aesthetic or a more uniform appearance.

Wish-You-Were-There Outdoor Shower

Whether you spend most of your summertime tanning or swimming at the state beaches or enjoying your own swimming pool, an outdoor shower in South Kingstown, RI, is a rite of passage. A stepping stone path can make the trek from your sandy car to the shower a delightful trek. Then feel at-one with the outdoors as you take a whimsical wash by a stone shower wall. Choose stone coloring that reminds you of your favorite beach so you ease into the transition to home life. Whether you choose to towel dry or bask in sunbeams is up to you.

Outdoor Fireplace with Enough Warmth and Seating for All

Everyone can enjoy the warmth of the fire with an outdoor fireplace that emulates the geometry and spaciousness of a bay window. With three angled openings for firewood, you can have a grand fire that is a marvel to admire. Stone seating could help you set a sense of community and inspire conversation.

Chef’s Outdoor Kitchen

An expert mason-built outdoor kitchen is a kitchen built to last. Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams by exploring a wide range of material options and amenities, including a pizza oven and sink so that you can limit all that back-and-forth that takes you away from entertaining. With the right features, you’ll have enough room to cook, feed, and dine all in the same area.