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Paver Patio Ideas: 5 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living in Saunderstown, R

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Paver Patio Ideas: 5 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living in Saunderstown, R

If your paver patio is lacking that special “something” that jumps out at you in magazines, you’re not alone. Most patios, like homes, are built on “spec” - for the general home buyer and not YOU. Personalizing your patio can be the way to get the outdoor space you want. To inspire you, here are some paver patio ideas: 5 ways to improve your outdoor living in Saunderstown, RI.

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1. Smart Technology

Use technology to create a more pleasing outdoor ambience. Consider adding both Bluetooth outdoor audio systems and even landscape lighting systems to your patio. A zoned approach means exactly the right amount of music and illumination in each zone of your outdoor space thanks to wireless speakers, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, a variety of energy-efficient fixtures. You’ll love that everyone on the patio can enjoy music at a pleasing volume (without annoying the neighbors) and that you can have exactly the amount of light and the type of light you want, everywhere on your patio.

2. Smaller Lawns, More Native Plants, and a Bigger Patio

As more homeowners are turning to water-wise landscape designs, one thing stands out: lawns are shrinking. And that’s a good thing. Lawns are underused by most homeowners yet they consume a lot of water, along with time, effort, and fertilizer, weed killer, and other chemicals that aren’t necessarily good for the environment.

More people are shifting to expanded outdoor living spaces surrounded by native vegetation for a more intimate and naturalistic feel. Native plants are perfectly adapted to your location. They require very little care or supplemental watering, and reward you with seasonal color, fragrance, and fruits as well as shade and visual interest. Native plants also support local pollinators and wildlife. If you don’t have kids or pets that need room to run and play, reducing the size of your lawn lets you expand your outdoor living spaces and bring you closer to natural landscaping. Surrounding your patio with gorgeous native plants creates an eco-friendly, low-maintenance backyard that’s much more interesting than a lawn.

3. Creature Comforts

Pavilions create sheltered spaces from the sun and rain, and when you add an outdoor fireplace along one side (or a gas-fueled fire pit or fire table within the pavilion itself) you add to the outdoor living room feel, with a cozy atmosphere that extends the outdoor season nearly year-round. There’s no better way than to add shelter and fire to get the most out of your investment in your outdoor space.

4. Stylish Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you grill on weekends or prefer to cook outdoors as much as possible during the warm months, you’ll want an outdoor kitchen that is convenient and houses the amenities that make cooking outdoors a true joy. Eliminate constant trips to the house by installing at least a mini-fridge and sink along with plenty of storage. Or, outfit your outdoor kitchen with all of the indoor amenities you love, in a weatherproof package. For the ultimate in entertaining (whether it’s your kids or friends) add a wood-fired pizza oven.

5. Permeable Pavers

Using permeable pavers on your patio is another great eco-friendly choice. An incredible amount of water can flow off a solid surface (like a patio, driveway, or roof). Switching to permeable pavers helps prevent runoff. The pavers themselves aren’t permeable, but feature larger joints that allow water to seep through to a special substrate. The water will then make its way into the ground, rather than running off your patio and potentially causing drainage problems.

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